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Changing lives by changing stoves

Premium Coffee works with the Nespresso AAA farmers in Colombia. They are important to us. When we found out that, according to WHO, one of the biggest health problems in Latin America is indoor air pollution, and that it primarily affects women and children (only in Colombia 7000 persons die because of this every year), we decided to do something.

Many of the families still cook over open fire. By replacing these ancient methods with modern eco-stoves, we do not only change the kitchens – but also the lives of the families.

And we do it in the names of our clients.

30 female farmers in the region of Caldas

We have chosen to donate 30 eco-stoves, in the names of selected clients, to the families of 30 female farmers in the region of Caldas, which is known for its coffee plantations. The stoves will make it easier and more efficient to cook. But they will also keep the indoor air much cleaner and healthier, avoiding the families to breathe in harmful particles from the open fire.

In order to make sure that the stoves will get to the right families we work together with the cooperation of alto occidente, the Local Nespresso Agronomist and Café Export.

Why do we call it THE HEART OF HOME?

The stove is a strong symbol. It provides food, it is something to gather around and it keeps the family warm. A kitchen is called the heart of home. But the heart of the kitchen is actually the stove.

That is why we have chosen to call this project THE HEART OF HOME.

Donating in the names of our clients

Heart of home is a long-term commitment from our side. The project starts now, in December 2019. Since it is so close to Christmas, we have chosen to donate the first batch of eco-stoves in the names of selected Premium Coffee clients.

We thought that our clients, like ourselves, already have everything they need. So instead of another box of chocolates, or a gift pack of candles, we give them the chance to make real change in the lives of others.

Would you like to be part and contribute to THE ❤️ OF HOME?

Contact us and we will tell you more!


Nespresso har allerede sit eget bæredygtige program, skal Premium Coffee gøre dette?

Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, the long-standing collaboration between Nespresso and the Rainforest Alliance was launched, in 2003. Today, the AAA Program supports 45,000 farmers to grow the highest quality coffee more sustainably, enabling Nespresso Club Members around the world to enjoy Sustainable Quality™ coffee.

With its triple focus on quality, sustainability and productivity, the AAA Program is unique within the coffee industry and something to be of proud of. Premium Coffee’s project is a small, but important complement to what Nespresso already does.