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Let's recycle your Nespresso Professional capsules together!

The infinite journey of Nespresso capsules starts over and over again, just after you had your favorite coffee. With the Nespresso Professional Container, made of cardboard and designed for your used coffee, you access to a complete recycling solution and contribute directly to the infinite journey of capsules.

Here is how it works with our complete recycling solution.

Nespresso capsules recycling with sorting between coffee and aluminum

One complete solution

With our recycling partner Stena, we developed a solution to separate aluminium and coffee out of used capsules, ensuring that nothing is wasted.

Once separated from the aluminium, the remaining coffee can be re-utilized in countless and ever more innovative ways. Green fuel for instance, such as bio gas for busses!

Aluminium is 100% and infinitely recyclable. Each recycled capsule will find its way into numerous objects, such as cars and bicycles. The possibilities are endless!

How does the Nespresso recycling process works

How does it work?

You order coffee online as usual, and simply add the recycling kit to your cart. With an active service agreement on your Nespresso machines, the Recycling Kit is free of charge (max. 2 kits per order and 5 kits a year).

Then you collect up to 1500 Nespresso capsules with each of your three recycling bag provided within the kit.

When your bag is filled with used capsules, you seal it with the supplied strip, stick the return label and prepare it for your next UPS pick-up, together with your coffee delivery.

If you do not recycle today, then it is time to start now!

Used Nespresso Professional capsules

About the uniqueness of Aluminium...

At first glance, it may be easy to feel a twinge of guilt when placing it into your Nespresso machine. But this is where the choice to use aluminum is not only intentional, it’s sustainable. Nespresso’s aluminum capsules aren’t just recyclable, they are infinitely recyclable. Your morning Cappuccino or afternoon Ristretto may one day become a bicycle frame, a segment of a car or a part of a drink can!

  • 100%
    Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, it keeps its inherent properties no matter how many times it's recycled.
  • 95%
    Aluminum requires up to 95% less energy to recycle than to produce primary metals.
  • 86%
    of the carbon footprint of aluminum occurs between mining and production.

And while much of the focus may be on the outside of the capsule, we believe that a lot of the beauty actually lies within. The used coffee grounds are broken down and used in various ways, and countries all over the globe are recognizing the literal power of coffee.