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Try the unique flavor of the Origins

Our five single Origin coffees are very special, and specific in flavor. Each coffee is sourced from carefully selected areas within a single country of origin, enriched by methods of cultivation, harvesting, and processing that local farming communities swear by.

Why are the five “Origins” so unique?

Compared to classic coffee varieties that are balanced blends, the Origins coffees are more distinct in taste. Each coffee has its unique profile, that evokes the land and traditions of the country where it grows. As the coffee selection is more restrictive, the coffee is even more exclusive than our other varieties.

Our Origins express the refined quality, taste and know-how of Nespresso Professional coffees. In each family - Lungo, Espresso and Ristretto - there is an Origin as ambassador. Origins is the assurance of a stronger character and personality, with a precise sourcing profile that is not possible with blends.

Each sip will transport you to the “Origin” itself

Nespresso takes you on a journey to discover the stories of place and tradition behind each of our five exceptional single-origin coffees. This journey is about flavor, authenticity, and sustainable credentials in your coffee choices.

All our five Origins have been certified AAA, and today, we source more than 93% of our coffee through the AAA Sustainable QualityTM Program. Our goal is to build long-term and direct relationships with coffee farmers from the world’s best coffee growing regions, and in collaboration improve their productivity, sustainability as well as coffee quality. Seat back, relax and enjoy a gustative trip to four amazing destinations.

The smoot, fruity and nutty Congo Organic (intensity 7)

Nespresso’s first Reviving Origin in the Nespresso Professional family. Reviving Origins is a long-term program to bring back great coffees from regions that are affected by social or environmental issues. Nespresso collaborates with more than 2,500 Congolese coffee farmers and partners from the shores of Lake Kivu to support them relaunch one of the finest and highest quality coffee, Congo Organic.

Eastern Congo is considered a natural organic region. To preserve the soil, coffee farmers never use fertilizers. Thanks to the AAA Program for Sustainable Quality Coffee, Nespresso help maintain this tradition while ensuring optimal quality and productivity.

Congo Organic is a split roast of Arabica beans. Both splits are dark and short, with the first split being slightly darker and longer to develop more intensity for this coffee. Both splits get a medium grind. Congo Organic is a rare treasure that will put a smile on your face with its slightly fruity notes and flavours of toasted cereals and nuts. Enjoys best as Lungo or Espresso and if you add milk, sweet cereal and biscuit notes will appear.

The brown and black capsule symbolises the earth’s awakening.
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The malty and silky Origin Guatemala (intensity 6)

From rich, bold volcanic soils comes a strong coffee. Organic Guatemala is a dynamic blend of arabica and fine robusta. Both surprisingly wash-processed, this method brings you a silky-smooth texture with an intense, dry, malty cereal note while keeping the aromatic complexity as alive as the lands where it grows

Guatemala is a bold coffee, and its strength is disarming. Best served as a Lungo, Nespresso Origin Guatemala becomes also a delicious Latte with milk – you will love the milky smoothness, intense cereal and toasted aromas, with a hint of caramel.

The Nespresso Origin Guatemala capsule is blue as a tribute to Guatemala’s flag. The blue that symbols the land and the sky.

The sweet and smooth Origin Brazil (Intensity 4)

Brazil is our smooth talker. It starts with mild Brazilian arabicas from the arid Savannahs of the Cerrado region. They give this origin coffee its characteristic toasted sweet cereal note. We blend in semi-washed processed Bourbon coffee beans from southern Brazil’s hilltop plantations and São Paulo estates and that gives this Origin Brazil its elegant honeyed sweetness.

Exceptionally smooth and mild as an Expresso, you have to try this coffee with milk and watch it bring out a smooth caramel aroma and those toasted notes in the Brazilian coffees.

Why is Origin Brazil yellow? This is the heart of the Brazilian flag. It represents the nation’s wealth in gold and riches.

The intense and spicy Origin India (intensity 10)

Have you heard the legend of Baba Budan? In 1670, he smuggled 7 beans back to India – creating the first coffee plantage outside its native African origin. This Origin India is a spicy blend of both arabicas and robustas, grown in the shade of exotic trees and spices in historic coffee lands.

The coffees are hand-harvested and carefully selected, coming mostly from one single state in southern India – Karnataka. The woody notes and the noble punch of cloves, nutmeg and pepper reflect the spices growing among the coffee trees. You can even expect an aromatic intensity that hits your palate as a noble punch worthy of its history. With milk, best serve Origin India as a Cappuccino, it will reveal sweet cereal and biscuit notes.

Indian saffron is the colour of its capsule. Saffron is part of the Indian flag and is considered as the most important colour from a cultural point of view. The shade represents courage and sacrifice.

The fruity and elegant Peru Organic (intensity 6)

The Andes are the longest continental mountain range in the world - 7’000 km long and up to 700 km wide - with an average height of 4’000 m !

This organic Arabica comes from remote Peruvian farms high up in the Andes, high up above 1’000 meters, even up to 2’100 meters. With specific microclimate and farming natural practices, homemade fertilisers and meticulous care, every element in our first organic coffee plays its part!

Peru Organic is a finely balanced coffee with fruity and smooth, toasted cereal notes. You can enjoy is as a Lungo – or Americano – and as an Expresso. With milk, best serve Peru as a Latte Macchiato, to reveal well-balanced milky character with sweet caramel and nutty notes.

Peru Organic is green and certified organic. It is produced by methods that comply with the standards of organic farming and meets the requirements set by Bio-Inspecta (Swiss Certification Body/Auditor CH – BIO-006), an EU Certification that is also recognized by USA authorities. This certification ensures that Peru Organic coffee has not been produced using chemical/synthetic inputs, such as pesticides.