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"From the first sip it was true coffee love"

Slim, stylish, hygienic, automatic hand gel dispensing stations

With premium aesthetics, the X4 dispenser give you the opportunity to keep people safe at your entrances in a very elegant and convenient way.

Tobias Basilius, Founder and CEO Reco.se, wants his Nespresso strong and black.

– Our coffee situation was like the movie Groundhog Day. Same thing, every day.

In the morning we always forgot to put the brewer on. When we eventually did, there was never enough coffee for everyone. One or two persons stood there with empty cups and looked disappointed. Same thing after lunch. Around four somebody brewed a gigantic coffee pot, that we just had to pour out in the sink when it was time to go home around five. Day out and day in. Always the same. Incredible annoying. Unsmart and expensive.

Tobias chose Nespresso Professional without telling anyone in the office.

- I did it as a surprise to the team. Each and every one is so engaged, and they always go the extra mile. A company consists of its employees, and their wellbeing is important!

Coffee is a detail that counts a lot. Furthermore, I wanted to find the answer to our coffee problem.

The team was so happy when the machine was installed. Like children at Christmas Eve. They were standing around Filip, the Nespresso Professional-guy who brought it. We have the new Momento 200 machine, which has received several design awards. It also has impressive AI-features that the tech nerds here love.

The coffee? It was true coffee love from the first sip. Now everyone can get their coffee exactly like they want it, when they want it. Nobody remains without. And we never have to pour it down the drain. So, it’s both economically smart and more sustainable.

The all-inclusive-subscription deal with machine, coffee and service is easy and flexible. That’s good!

Out of the 13 coffee varieties Nespresso Professional Guatemala has become the favourite here. But I am looking forward to testing the new Peru Organic. It is to be launched soon, right? I am from Norrbotten (the northernmost part of Sweden), so sustainability is important to me. We need to take care about the planet, and each other!